Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not All Sunshine & Roses

I am working on Part 2 of Willow's story but I truly do not want anyone to think that her problems have disappeared. It is all a work in progress. I don't want any of you to think that we have had a miracle cure and that life is peachy every day.  Right now at this very moment we are taking a little break from homework because it is just too much for Willow to handle all at once after school.  When she gets overloaded she breaks pencils, throws books, tears up papers, screams, cries, slams doors, etc. Today so far it is just screaming, lots of erasing (seeking perfection), door slamming and paper crumpling.

The ride home from school today was not fun either. More than once she screamed out that she hates one of her siblings because she was interrupted when she was talking.

Since we've been home she has had a banana and some water.  She's been out to play in the dirt and ran around and around with the dogs.  She played on the swings and worked up a good little sweat.  We didn't come straight home and start on homework. That would be impossible for her. It's all about finding a smooth transition for her from one thing to the next.

She is on medication and she is in the adjustment phase. It is helping tremendously but the dosage isn't right yet. We will change it up again in the morning according to her doctor's directions and pray for good results for her and a better day tomorrow.

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  1. Hello Terrific mom,
    I too adopted a child with FAS, but she's from Russia. We have been through such a journey and i am happy to report that now at age 13, she has improved drastically and is finally giving me loads of joy.
    I am a movement therapist and have implemented many of my techniques in my parenting of her special needs. For a while, I kept a blog specifically dealing with ways that I introduced calm, consistency, focus and exercise into her life and it has reaped beautiful results. Maybe you would be interested in having a look?
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    All the best, and give yourself a hug!